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Dentists: Orthodontists in Garden City, NY

Updated Oct 05 2014 06:49 PM EST with 1 listings
These orthodontists provide orthodontic care to adults and children. Cosmetic dentistry for crooked teeth as well as the use of Invisalign clear braces have become more and more common in orthodontic offices.
Dentists: Orthodontists in Garden City, NY

Arthur M. Kammerman, DDS

Dr. Kammerman and his orthodontic staff combine experience and state-of-the-art technology to give you quality orthodontic care at an affordable price on Long Island in Garden City, New York.
226 East Seventh St. Suite 301, Garden City NY 11530 Tel 516-742-4110
E-mail: admin@cw3host.com; Website: kammermanortho.com